Adding the swish activation function to your Keras model

If you want to know more about the swish activation function, I can highly recommend this blog post and the paper it is based on.

Unfortunately, the Keras code given in the blog post above didn’t work for me but after a while I found the solution somewhere else. So, this is how you can use the swish activation function in Keras:

from keras import backend as K
from keras.utils.generic_utils import get_custom_objects

# needs to be defined as activation class otherwise error
# AttributeError: 'Activation' object has no attribute '__name__'    
class Swish(Activation):
    def __init__(self, activation, **kwargs):
        super(Swish, self).__init__(activation, **kwargs)
        self.__name__ = 'swish'

def swish(x):
    return (K.sigmoid(x) * x)

get_custom_objects().update({'swish': Swish(swish)})

Afterwards, just make sure to replace all activation function calls (such as “relu” for example) with “swish”.

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